The hottest term in the fitness industry right now is bodies in motion Training. You may have heard the term before. You may not have. We are gonna run down exactly what it is, how to do it and how its fits into your exercise program.

Simply put, functional strength training, otherwise known as BIM, is exercise that trains the body for activities performed in daily life. The concept originated with physical and occupational rehabilitation. Therapists would use BIM to restrain patients with movement disorders or patients who had been or who had surgery.

When people think of strength training usually, they usually think of exercises that isolate a specific muscle. Examples would be bicep curls or squats. These type of exercises train that particular muscle and increase the strength, size, and force producing capability of said muscle.

FST transfers the strength improvements to other body movements by affecting the entire nervous and muscular systems.

The human body has the ability to perform all sorts of movements throughout your daily life. Take for instance walking, running, twisting, reaching, standing or bending. Each one of these activities involve rhythmic motions. What FST will do is train the specific whole movements, not just the muscles. Functional strength is the type of strength that allows one to perform the daily tasks of life and is equally as important as the strength that enables us to lift challenging weights in our workouts.

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