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Oak Fitness Club is a boutique fitness studio located in the heart of Beverly Hills.  We specialize in providing results orientated workouts that create much more than the appearance of fitness but actual fitness.  Fitness is a pain free state of athletic preparedness for any physical task required free of any chronic injury or disease.  We facilitate this outcome through one on one and group HIIT and Pilates sessions.  With a high attention to detail, sound exercise principles and the cutting edge training methodology, we create fun and safe workouts that produce a real result.
Oak Fitness Club’s mission is to empower people to change their lives through fitness.  By using our Pilates and Fitness methodology, we seek to create the most fun, comprehensive and innovative exercise experience for everyone.  Oak Fitness Club is a boutique fitness center committed to creating the perfect body though Pilates and High Intensity Interval Training.  Oak is for people who value fitness, results and time.  We offer private, small group and DIY workouts that allow you to make fitness a part of your life.