Healthy nutrition is on everyone’s lips – but usually only proverbial. Because being balanced and vibrant is not so easy. We all usually eat about three to five times a day. What comes on the plate, however, could hardly be more different. Nutritionists such as meat lovers, vegetarians, and vegans take a closer look at healthy nutrition. There we also present the nutrients and vital substances that are in our food and introduce many fruits and vegetables and one or the other recipe.


The overweight epidemic is one of the most pressing health problems of our time. Its development and combat are dedicated to the field of weight loss and dieting on Lifeline. There you will also find the large Lifeline lexicon of all current diets from A to Z.


But it is not only with the adapted nutrition that you can achieve a great fit. Even exercises of all kinds and the regular walk to the gym can melt kilos and bring about fitness.

Protecting your very own body from ingestion of pollutants, exercising regularly, adequate nutrition and sleep are some of the key examples that define a healthy lifestyle. Being in good shape allows us to perform our tasks without being lethargic, restless or maybe tired.


A Balanced Nutrition Plan Increases Fitness
Anyone who feels fit feels good. But it quickly becomes clear: sport alone is not enough to keep you vital through your life. A nutritional plan can improve your fitness while exercising and make your body and mind feel good.

Fitness Nutrition Plan – Fit Through The Right Food!
Get more out of yourself with the EAT SMARTER FITNESS NUTRITION PLAN! The following tips should heed the plan:

Light Food Before Training
Eating healthy is indeed eating a variety of foods. A mix of fruits and vegetables, dairy, fish, meat, bread, and rice makes the body strong. Before training, however, the athlete should not eat any food that is difficult to digest.

Ideally, the last larger meal is about two hours behind. In this way, the stomach does not produce as much acid; the body is easier to work out. Those who walk on an empty stomach in the morning, even train their fat metabolism. As long as the athlete does not spend it, the breakfast can take place accordingly only after the morning run.

Carbs After Exercise
After exercise, the metabolic rate is increased for a good two hours. The athlete can now recharge his energy reserves with his fitness nutrition plan – with carbohydrates. The breastfeeding not only quenches hunger but also accelerates the regeneration of the body.

Above all, runners in the marathon preparation must pay attention to their carbohydrate storage. Experts recommend after the exercise, food such as bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and fruit.

Fitness Without Carbohydrates
To get fit, many people initially want to lose weight. They often abstain from carbohydrates during this phase. That’s okay: Carbohydrates are the most important source of energy for the brain and muscles. But human beings usually consume more of these products than they need anyway.

However, as soon as a diet becomes noticeable due to physical weakness or discomfort, you should listen up and check your eating habits. The fitness nutrition plan helps!

Dietary Supplements- Important Or Superfluous?
Many athletes create a nutritional plan that promotes fitness through supplements. These include, for example, magnesium, zinc, iron, selenium or perhaps other supposed turbo-fuels.

Basically, however: If a lack of the respective substance is not medically proven, the body needs no extra portions in the form of powder, tablets or pastes. A well-balanced diet is usually enough to provide people with good food.

The Liquid In The Fitness Nutrition Plan: Drinks In A Quick Check
Every healthy person should consume about two liters of water or other drinks every day. Athletes are allowed to drink more because they sweat a lot and need to replenish their stores. The ideal drink for a nutritional plan that promotes fitness is still mineral water.

Those who suffer from muscle cramps can mix it with some salt. Alternatively, electrolyte drinks help. Industrial fruit juice spritzers, on the other hand, often contain too much sugar; cola and alcohol make you fat. Also, carbonation can interfere during exercise because it leads to air in the stomach.

Fitness Nutrition Plan: Breakfast Alternatives
To combine fitness and delicious ideas with a nutrition plan, one should try out new recipes from time to time.

How about an alternative to the normal breakfast, for example?
Fast, tasty and so healthy:

• Spicy Tomato-thick milk drink
• Ready in 25 min.

• Mixed fruit with coconut dip
• Ready in 30 min.

At The Lunch Table Green Herbs And Juicy Portions Wait:
• Chervil Shake
• Ready in 10 minutes

• Sauce with bean germs and pineapple
• Ready in 1 hour 35 min

Dinner With Home Cooking
Simple, fast, healthy and tasty:
• Tomato soup – smarter
• Ready in 40 min

• Bread with quark and cress
• Ready in 3 hours 45 minutes

Fitness Nutrition Plan: Nativity Tales From Salad To Evening Diet
Many people think that salad is the best meal for an athlete. That’s not right: although it often contains many vitamins, depending on the composition, for example, if accompanied by tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, and onions. However, the pure salad delivers water in itself. The green leaf is also difficult to digest for the human stomach. Also, it does not provide energy. Before going to the office, a salad is anything but an ideal meal.

Another old wives’ tale is the rumor that everything that is consumed after 6 pm in the evening is fat. Experts only suggest that you do not eat any foods that are difficult to digest right before you sleep. This rule is dependent on when you go to bed.

Those who heed this advice can quickly increase their fitness with enough exercise and the fitness nutrition plan.

Lastly, being healthy as well as fit means paying close attention to the body. We need to remember that a healthy mind lives only in a healthy body. The good health of the mind, as well as body, helps to maintain the level of energy needed to succeed in life. We must all strive for great fitness.

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