Vegetables are low fat, low calorie foods with high nutritional value, and aside from being vitamin and mineral rich, contain all sorts of bonus cancer-fighting compounds – especially cruciferous vegetables, such as spinach, bok-choi, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower, some of which we’re using in this recipe! Additionally, almond milk is a great dairy alternative if you’re lactose sensitive or intolerant. It’s lower in sugar and saturated fat than what the ‘moo cow’ makes, and yet contains plenty of calcium. I’ve partnered with Blue Diamond to create a selection of delicious healthy recipes containing their Almond Breeze milk, as they’re the only almond milk company to grow their own almonds, and they do it naturally in sun-drenched Californian orchards (n.b. must plan a lengthy visit to experience this for myself 😉 !) There’s also a wholeness to the taste which I very much like, and a flavour that’s directly reminiscent of real almonds.

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