High-end treadmills are extremely durable because of the capacity of their larger motors and heat resistant electronic motor controllers. They have better and more durable electronics, belts & decks, and sturdier frames. People still use commercial treadmills for home use because they want that true, sturdy and solid feel. These treadmills are extremely durable. High-end treadmills should last for more than 15 years in a home setting.

High-end treadmills’ warranties support their placement in gyms, hotels, studios, and physical therapy clinics. High-end treadmills can be on the pricier side, but are capable of delivering consistency, durability, and quality.


Light High-end Treadmills

  • 4-5 hrs per day usage
  • Less expensive
  • Frame weight:  under 350 lbs
  • Smaller motor, under 4HP
  • No 200 voltage
  • No AC motor

Full High-end Treadmills

  • 8-10 hrs/day usage
  • AC motor
  • 220 volt for added durability

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